Should I get a wedding video?

According to, in the last year - 75% of Irish couples hired a videographer – up from 62%. The 25% that didn’t have one say they later regretted it. 

How much is a wedding videographer and photographer?

As with most services it really depends on what you're looking for. There are many businesses all offering different packages. According to, in 2020 a couple spends an average of €1,357 on a wedding video and €1,890 on photos (a total of €3247). As we can include all-inclusive packages, we are able to provide much lower quotes and have packages for all budgets. Costs vary depending on what kind of coverage and package you choose, however our prices remain under the national average. (Enquire here for a pricelist).

What is the difference between a ‘cinematic wedding film’ and a traditional wedding video, and what should I get?

In previous generations wedding videos could be anywhere between 1-3 hours long and contained footage of the day that was minimally edited. While it is great to watch clips from these videos, many people struggle to watch them in their entirety without fast forwarding. This meant sharing your wedding video with family and friends was impractical, as it would constantly have to be fast-forwarded or you would have to find the time to watch several hours.


Nowadays couples are tending to opt for a more watchable version of their wedding day by choosing ‘cinematic wedding films’ which means people get to see the best bits of the day in a much shorter more entertaining format. Each shot is hand picked so we can make it seem every bit as exciting as the day felt. This approach also allows us to sync better with the music and we get to spend more time polishing up the image, adding colour grade, and generally making it look more cinematic and professional compared to traditional wedding videos. These normally go for between 8-20 mins depending on the amount of content throughout the day. Although this might seem quite short, they usually feel a lot longer.


Our premium package and above also includes a longer more traditional wedding video so if you’re undecided, why not get the best of both?

Will I have to do much on the wedding day?

No, we believe its more authentic to be non-intrusive, and to capture your wedding day as it naturally happens, so you and your guests can relax. We’re happy to be asked to take as much group photos as requested and we will also pre-arrange with you any particular posed shots you want.

My package says 8pm, can you stay later?

Yes, you can add on hours to your package up until 11pm. Request pricing brochure for details.

Do you travel outside of Cork?

Yes, we are happy to take any wedding in Ireland. There is a reasonable travel cost for venues over 60kms outside of Cork City.

What is the booking process and how can I book?

We ask for a deposit of €200 to confirm your booking. Once received you can rest assured we are set aside to cover your wedding. This can be paid by bank transfer paypal or cash (In Cork). You can book us by giving us a call or email.

Do we meet before the wedding? 

We generally will like to meet up before the wedding to go through your wedding day and make sure we are prepared as much as possible, and to sign a contract. We can also take a cash deposit at this meeting if preferred. If you can't make it to Cork, this can be a phone call instead and contracts can be signed on the morning of the wedding.

What are the advantages of booking my Photographer and Videographer together?

Besides saving money, another benefit of booking together is the ability to work well together. There can sometimes be rivalry between an unfamiliar photographer and videographer, as both are trying to compete for best angles and can get annoyed by getting in each others way, as well as shots. Having two people that know each other and shooting as a team eliminates that worry completely, and results in less instances of having an unwanted cameraman in the background of a shot.


If we are only filming video at a wedding our preference is to allow the photographer preferential access as it is recognised a photographer entering a video shot is more natural looking than to have a videographer showing up in all the photos.

Can we pick our own music for our video?

This is a difficult question as popular hosting sites like Youtube and Vimeo are becoming stricter with their use of copyrighted music. If you do decide you want to pick the music for your video then an online streaming version of your video cannot be guaranteed by us, although it will still be attempted, (In our experience there won’t be an issue with about 70% of music we come across) however the DVD, and video files will work just as normal. Otherwise as standard we normally use royalty-free music which gives you complete control to use your video as you wish.

Does my wedding video have to go online?

No. Videos will only be uploaded with your consent, they don’t have to be stored online if you do not want them. You will get still get your files or DVD depending on your package.

Can I order extra Blu-ray / DVDs?

Yes, if your package includes a BR/DVD, additional ones can be added. Request pricing brochure for details.

How long will it take to get the finished product?

This can depend on many factors including backlog, time of the year and shipping times (for photobook) so it can be hard to predict. We advise 2-4 months, however most of our packages are delivered within 2 months.