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Long Distance Commute

     + within 60km of Cork (Free) 

     + 1-2 hrs outside Cork (€40)

     + 2+ hrs outside Cork (€100)
     + 3.3 hrs travel overnight stay (€200)


Blu-ray/DVDs Production (€100 / €10 per extra copy)

Instagram Edit (€100)

(A 1 minute edit conformed to instagrams specifications - ready to upload)

B&W Version of Photos* (€40)

Re-edit of Film (€100)

Make significant changes to your video
Note: Small changes are complementary (at our discretion)

Photo Slideshow (€149)
Show guests upto 50 photos taken on the wedding day so far and/or a pre-prepared photo montage of special couple/family photos etc.
Hotel projector preferred (HDMI) -
Availability depending on factors such as venue.

*Photographer must be booked for this feature
*Appointment consists of 10-20 min meeting in Cork, or a phonecall if outside of Cork
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